Alpha Dog is a full service mobile game studio


Full service video game production studio
Mobile-first, free to play game design
Artists, designers, programmers
Quality assurance testing
Customer service
Community management
Live operations
Backend server maintenance

Tech Stack

Player Account Management
Global, Country, Local, and Friend Leaderboards
Resource Trading
DB Design
Backend Tracking and Game Balance
Friend System
Alliance System
Live Version Control
Push Notifications

Platform Integration

Apple ReplayKit
Apple Stickers
Apple & Android Cloud Saving
Android Conventions


Game Analytics
Business Intelligence
Facebook SDK
Ad Mediation
HockeyApp Crash Reporting
Attribution Tracking


Tight gameplay controls and core loop
Spectacular animations
High production value and visuals


Unreal Engine 4
Unity 5
Proprietary Framework

How We Work

Key Pillars

Alpha Dog’s process focuses on building four key pillars: the core gameplay loop, the metagame progression, the social interaction with live events and “finding the fun”.  We develop the core gameplay first and look to find immediate fun in the process.

Rapid Development

We build the core gameplay on device as soon as possible. Once the game is on device, the team will spend time polishing the core gameplay and starts building the metagame. With this method we can get fast and effective results. With an “always live” game hooked into our backend servers, we don’t need to guess the performance as data metrics are already being tracked. “Always test on device” is our mantra.

ADG Dog Pound Platform