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At Alpha Dog, we believe there is not one end-all, be-all solution. Each game is unique and requires handcrafted experiences that fit the audience. However, none of this can happen if you don’t first “find the fun” and give the player genuine value for their time no matter what.

We develop games we believe in as a team and set the bar high with a heavy focus on social experience. Harnessing the power of Unreal Engine 4, our goal is to build an iconic brand through evolutionary design and pushing the limit of mobile games.

MonstroCity: Rampage

Lead an army of massive monsters into epic battles and smash cities to the ground in the most addicting real-time strategy game. Build your city from a small town into a mighty metropolis! Create powerful monsters! Destroy other players! Compete for world domination!

Are you ready to become the ULTIMATE evil Mad Scientist and take over the world?

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Wraithborne Action-RPG

Wraithborne is a visceral Whack-and-Smash experience in a dark fantasy world. Take control of a lone warrior to defeat fearsome monsters with a combination of fast-paced action combat, and strategic challenge in unlocking, upgrading and using powerful Rune Magic. Wraithborne – utilizing the power of Unreal Engine – is available to download for FREE on iOS and Android.

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Cancelled Projects

ForgeWorld Action-Strategy

Forgeworld is the logical forward step in evolution of the “build and battle” genre, zeroing in on a substantial but underrepresented segment of the strategy player base that focuses on simulation and city building. The central mechanics of the game are focused around the player’s kingdom through more in-depth, interactive city simulation. Forgeworld puts the combat within the player’s base, and is supported by deep resource production and management systems akin to kingdom simulators or “Ville”-style games.

This project was ultimately cancelled as the design was a hybrid of too many game concepts, but it was a great learning experience with key mechanics we have used in other projects.