Our Method

Alpha Dog Games has developed a rapid way of development to quickly prove out concepts and separate the good ideas from the bad. We aim to get a build on device as soon as possible and to “always be online” with our live backend server.

Our Technology

Alpha Dog Games uses its proprietary ADG Dog Pound Platform built around the powerful Unreal Engine 4 game engine. This puts focus on a team-first strategy and ensures fast results with exceptional graphical quality.

Our Games

Our passion is in pushing the boundaries in mobile games and producing console-quality AAA gaming experiences that players cannot put down – or to put it simply, we love making awesome games.

Investors Information

Alpha Dog Games is a free-to-play mobile game developer and publisher of industry veterans from Microsoft, EA, Relic, and THQ. Featured by Apple and Google, Alpha Dog creates original experiences for the mid-core user segment on the genres of action and strategy games.

The Company focuses on producing games with high production value and high revenue potential for smartphones and tablets with a critical eye towards business intelligence and analytics.

Alpha Dog’s success focuses on fun, with long term franchise goals, and impeccable customer relations. Revenue is led through smart metrics integration and seeking the highest lifetime value of our players while giving them a game they thoroughly enjoy.

Historically, Alpha Dog Games has developed games such as Wraithborne (Action-RPG) and MonstroCity: Rampage (Action-Strategy). Two new games are currently in production.

Who We Are

Shawn Woods
Founder / Creative Director


Shawn is an award-winning artist with nearly 20 years experience in the interactive and video games industry. Formerly an Art Director of Microsoft, Relic Entertainment and Fit Brains, his experience spans all aspects of leadership, design, development, and all platforms from PC to Console to Mobile to Web and Video Editing. He strongly advocates for ITC, the fastest growing sector in Nova Scotia, and guest speaks at schools around the province.

Jeff Cameron
Founder / Technical Director


Jeff is a 20-year veteran of the video-game industry, working primarily as a software engineer. He has created games for both the indie scene and big publishers such as Microsoft, THQ, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, HBO and 2K. He began his entertainment career in the television industry as a character and FX animator, skills he utilizes at Alpha Dog along with his programming background.

Sophia Lamar
Senior Programmer
Zita Lakner
Isaac Young
Matt Englehart
Fx Artist
Chris Sproul
QA / Customer Service
Raul Carbonell
Senior Animator
Andrew Doane
Senior Programmer
Alec Cameron
Anastasia Cook
Sam Dinan